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“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone."

― Oscar Wilde


I originally started this project with the intention of recording, catologing and archiving my grandfather Bruce's record collection. However, as I began to develop this idea further, I realized just how vast his collection really was and then decided to focus just on one aspect of his collection-Motown music.

While this may seem like a quickly made decision, it was also important for me to find a niche of music that was important and personal to both my grandparents in the hopes of getting an oral history, rich in stories and memory.

As you scroll through pictures, listen to interviews and watch the slideshow video, please keep in mind just how important this project was not just to me but to others who might not quite understand the importance of spoken history. It is only through understanding loss that I found how much history and wisdom was lost after death because no one took the time to listen to stories and memories with the intention of archiving them.

In music, especially, influence is one of the major factors in how children and adults' taste in music may change or be encourage. My grandparents love for Motown was tranferred to me in the same way my mother's love for 80's dance and rock and roll music was. So while you enjoy a little bit of history, please think about how your parents, grandparents, friends, and other family may have influenced you because sometimes we take that for granted just how thankful we are for their prescence in our lives.

Above all else, please enjoy my website!


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