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Personal Stereo


Just a glimpse into some of the equipment that a true Audiophile might have in their collection

Items in the Personal Stereo Collection

Graham Phantom Elite II: Fairly new, top of the line tone arm for turn table. Its designed with a very elaborate magnet system. The magnets use magnetic force to keep the arm perfectly perpendicular, so it can't change its vertical tracking angle.

200 watt aside mono blocks. Tube driven, come in pairs-one on each channel left and right.

100 watt Stereo Amplifier, tube driven. Instead of mono blocks that require two amplifiers, this is a stereo amplifier for both channels. Most amplifiers are now this type of design. Mono blocks are now twice the cost because you need two of them.…

Along the wall is just an example of a few records owned by Bruce that are held in cubes that also have the purpose of cancelling out certain frequencies of sound.

In center is the Samsung 55 inch plasma TV, in front speakers in wood are Wisdom…

The large silver and black speakers are Quad Electrostatic Speakers used for the main stereo system. To the right, is the MacIntosh Amplifier (top), MacIntosh preamp (second from top)--controls various input/output functions ie. tuner, tape recorded,…